Able Well and Pump Service has provided excellent well service for several years. When the water started to have a strange sulfur smell and the pressure dropped, I called Able Well to determine the cause. After analyzing the situation, it was determined that the well needed to be re-developed. A new pressure tank as well was recommended that contained a bladder to provide consistent water pressure with less maintenance. After the redevelopment of the well, the smell was gone and the pressure resorted. Recently, when a problem developed with the water softener that caused the pressure tank valve to leak, Able Well came in and took care of the problem at no cost. When it comes to problems with wells and water pressure, Able Well is whom I call.

Gregory Brown
19 January 2007

They [Able Well and Pump Service] responded to our outage immediately, were exceedingly professional, and worked late to get my water back on in a positive, can-do attitude. Extremely knowledgeableness professionals that know all facets of the business – technical, operational, fiscal, and political. Our water stopped one morning. It turned out to be the well. A key number was scratched off our tag on the well. Able Well & Pump Service were able to get the correct number, obtain the needed information, appear out our home by 1700 and stayed to replace the well pump, circuit, and refill the air tank. They were awesome!

Patti M.
Edgewater, MD

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